Prom can be an exciting time of year for teens but it’s also a great time to encourage teens to use “green” alternatives to save their environment. Ally Maize, eco teen and founder of the Green Youth Movement, wants to remind her peers that the big day is not just about the glitz and the glam – it’s about going green! Ally as well as sites like Planet Green are offering great tips to help teens enjoy a safe and clean prom.


All the girls out there know how important the “dress” is. There are alternatives to looking great, saving cash, and practicing going green. There are hip green clothing lines and designers, or pick a fabric like bamboo and hemp that are biodegradable. Another great option is buying or using a recycled dress; it’s easy on the wallet and the eyes. After the prom if you would like to pass on the tradition or give back to those less fortunate you can donate your dress to

Hair and Makeup:

Ditch the energy-exhausting electric curlers and curling iron. Rag curls create soft, graceful curls that will last all night. Just remember: you’ll want to do this the night before since you’re counting on Mother Nature to set the curl. Spritz those curls with some homemade hairspray.

Prep your face with a quick tea bag facial and give yourself an organic wax. Add your organic makeup or non at all. Last but not least don’t forget to apply your homemade deodorant before heading out the door.

Dinner and Flowers:

Just because they’re pretty doesn’t mean that flowers don’t have a carbon footprint. Craft a corsage or boutonniere out of locally picked blooms, or seek out carbon-neutral flowers from companies like Organic Bouquet. Hungry? Get all your friends together and have a potluck; for the romantic pack a picnic or have a private dinner at home with your date.


There are plenty of options for green transportation other then expensive, gas guzzling limos. Taking public transportation could make for some fun photo ops, and riding bicycles is a super alternative way to roll up to the dance. For an intimate ride for two, find a bicycle rickshaw (aka pedicab) company in your area (pedicabs are the new horse-drawn carriage). At the very least, gather a group of friends and carpool.

Remind your teens to have a fun, safe, memorable, and green prom.

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Haley is an avid fitness guru, mother, police officer and officer of the court. Haley and her family are working to go green with the help of her sister, Green and Clean Mom.