Mom and daughter celebrating Halloween!

My kids eat lots of candy on Halloween, more than their normal monthly consumption!  There I said it. And I’m okay with it. It is one day of the year and they’re children for the love of God! I remember the feeling but I also remember having some limits. Which is what parenting is all about – setting limits. Of course, I do not let my children sit down with their bag and just eat until they throw up! I do, however, let them enjoy a few pieces of their favorite candy.

I’m all about going green for Halloween and choosing healthier treats but the fact of the matter is most of the candy the children get on Halloween is not what I would choose for them to get.  Which means they eat candy high in sugar, fat, calories and high fructose corn syrup but it tastes good and they are all smiles because of their ghoulish treats and overfilled bag – but what kid wouldn’t be?

How We Set Limits for Halloween

  • My husband eats the candy along the way while we are trick or treating and so he feels sick not the kids!
  • We fill the kids up with healthy stuff during the day! Lots of water, fruit, veggies, yogurt and protein packed food.  They are less likely to gorge if they aren’t hungry.
  • The kids get to eat a few pieces while we are trick or treating so when we get back to the house they doing go wild and want it all.
  • We inspect the candy to make sure that it is safe and nothing is unopened.
  • The children choose 3 or 4 pieces that they would like to eat that evening and sometimes they don’t even eat the 3rd or 4th piece. I believe they need to learn how to feel full or when enough is enough.
  • Everything is then put into one bowl and each night for the next week they get one piece after eating a good dinner.
  • After about a week of dad snacking on it the only thing left in the bowl is stuff nobody likes anyhow and so dad takes it to his work and the guys at work polish it off.

In the grand scheme of things we’re talking about a few pieces of candy and with 80-90% of their diet being healthy, home cooked, mostly organic foods – they’ll survive and enjoy their childhood.

Some Halloween Facts that Might Surprise You

Don’t eat 25 pounds of candy but do enjoy your Halloween and don’t forget to brush your teeth and those adorable little people’s teeth!

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