There probably isn’t anything more “green”, sexy or sassy then standing outside hanging your clothes out to dry…especially if you’re going o’natural! Hills, an Australian brand that has been line drying for over 50 years, is launching their campaign to spark more Americans to stop using the dryer and start putting their clothes on the line! Yeehaw! Something my gramma did for years but never with as much style as the Hills provides! Line drying with the Hills is like driving a hybrid…they come in all shapes, styles and forms, so there is no excuse. For all Green and Clean Moms regardless of where you live or how big your yard is you have an option to make hanging those pink polka dotted organic undies on the line! From the hefty Rotary do it all maximum drying capacity to the Supa Fold,” I only have a yard or balcony”, mom. Oh, and then there is my favorite Quatro for tiny yards, itsy bitsy spaces or indoor options.

So mamas do it like your gramma, shake those clothes, grab some clothespins and show the neighbor how to bleach your whites with the sunlight! Even the celebs are hanging their clothes and names on the line! Celebrities like Rachel Bilson and Matt Rhys, to name a few are supporting this good cause and helping to reduce carbon emissions, the good old fashion way. Get started today and sign up to put your name on the line and if you want to be a really cool Green and Clean Mom, like me…ask for the hybrid of all clothes dryers this Mother’s Day.

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