What did you feed your baby when they started eating solids We loved YoBaby yogurt! YoBaby is turning 16 and I’m hosting a giveaway! # #StonyfieldBlogger

Oh I love babies. I’m not really an infant person but when my little ones were sitting up, eating food and making all those adorable baby sounds and cute faces, reaching for mama…oh melt my heart. Don’t get me wrong, I love infants and rocking them but it’s a tough stage. My favorite stage of motherhood was when my children were in high chairs, learning about new foods and exploring tastes and textures. We had some messy, messy meals but many great photos and memories were made. I loved making them new foods, letting them play with their food and try to pick up the spoon, the tiny cooked peas and seeing them make faces of joy when they loved the taste or even when they made the yucky face of dislike. It was all so much fun. Minus cleaning the high chair and yogurt off the floor, walls and their hair! (OR mine!)

I wish I could find photos but when my daughter was little, she LOVED, LOVED, YoBaby yogurt. She’d make the cute little sign for “more” when her cup or bowl was empty. She’d point to the fridge and ask for yo-yo. So cute and I miss those days terribly. It goes so quickly, she’s now 8! Time flies.

Speaking of time flying, YoBaby yogurt is turning 16 this year.  Amazing how quickly a brand can grow-up too! A brand that has been part of my family for 11 years, which is how old my son will be this year! I’m so thankful that I’ve had this brand as part of my motherhood experience and feeding my children healthy organic yogurt. They love yogurt and I know it’s because I always fed them the good stuff, right from the beginning. Thank you Stonyfield Farms!

Happy Birthday YoBaby! #Giveaway #Win #StonyfieldBlogger

Thanks to everyone who entered! This giveaway has officially ended and the winner has been notified! More giveaways to come!

Yo Baby Giveaway Winner 2015

In honor of YoBaby turning 16 this year, I’d like to giveaway this adorable bib, hat and 4 coupons for a free Stonfield YoBaby Organic Yogurt 6-Pack. Your baby will appreciate that and so will your pocket book.  Would you like to win?

If so, fill out this form and you’ll be entered! I’ll randomly select one lucky winner on February 27th 2015 at 12pm EST. By entering you agree to my terms and giveaway rules. Good luck and while you’re at it, enter to win an Amazon Kindle!

Happy Birthday YoBaby! This form is now officially closed!

Disclaimer: I am a YoGetter blogger and I’m compensated for my time. My opinions are my own and I really big squishy heart love Stonyfield Farms.


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