Kids love to get messy. Squish, roll, smash, create, make, smell and feel stuff. My kids especially! Great fun but oh, my can it get messy.  A favorite sensory past time – play dough and it has to smell good! Being a past preschool teacher, I love to make this myself but sometimes I forget or get too busy. There’s always the bright colored stuff in the closet from the store that says it is non-toxic but I’m skeptical.

Just for My Kids

For My Kids has come out with homemade play dough they call, “Happy Dough”, in the cutest little tins that smell wonderful. My little ones loved this stuff. My daughter gave the thumbs up on the smell and my son he agreed it could be rolled out well and made into his famous play dough cookies. Phew, it passed the test. With the CPSIA uproar, I cannot be certain what this will bring for the play dough or for For My Kids and other online retailers that I’ve grown fond of.

Play Dough

In the meantime, there is still time to give some of this mushy, gushy fun stuff away. Just leave me a comment telling me you’re thoughts on the CPSIA issue and if you think you might be impacted in someway.  What have you done to voice your opinion? Are you confused?  The giveaway will begin January 19, 2009 and end January 23, 2009.

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