I have an 18 month old daughter and I adore her. This is my only child and now I know why. In today’s world it’s a two income family due to the cost of EVERYTHING. I was shocked at how much and how quickly formula, diapers, day care, doctor bills, entertainment, bigger house, bigger car, toys, etc. all adds up. I now know that if I would have been more educated about the products on the market life would have been a little less costly and a lot healthier.

I came across a family owned business named Happy Heiney (how cute is that) . Happy Heiney is one of the largest manufactures of modern reusable cloth diapers. They are receiving the Honoree Award for the Sand Diego Family Owned and Closely Held Business Awards. I looked them up and by the sounds of it they deserve that award. Happy Heiney only manufactures in the United States and uses all natural hemp and cotton. The diapers are antimicrobial and biodegradable and good up to 12 hrs of use.                                                             

I figured on the low side my husband and I spend $50 a month on diapers. Times that by 18-24 months and that’s 1,200 smackers, ouch! Happy Heiney comes in different styles, colors, and sizes but the most expensive one I found was $20. So if I would have bought a dozen of the most expensive diaper it would have only cost me $240. I could have used the remaining $1000 for FUN! I hopped on the cloth diaper wagon a little late but I thought I would share the information so others can have more fun with their moola. Oh I forgot to mention they are nothing like the old fashion cloth diapers. They don’t have safety pins, they’re not bulky, and they are easy to clean. Hope someone smarter then me finds this information useful.

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