Jingling bells, a red container to collect money and a freezing cold volunteer all bundled up from head to toe greet me at each store I enter and happily wishes me a Merry Christmas.  Boxes are scattered throughout town with large signs asking for coats, hats and mittens for those in need. Angel trees adorn churches with names, sizes and wish lists for families who have lost jobs or need help this holiday season. Soup kitchens stock up and food pantries cannot keep their shelves full.  Toys for Tots eagerly attempts to fill school buses and boxes full to wrapped gifts to make some child’s Christmas morning bright and merry.

Bad Times When You Least Expect It

Each holiday season I am reminded of a mother and son I met almost 10 years ago. I was teaching preschool and had the most adorable little boy being raised by a suddenly single mom. Dad left her and right before Christmas, moving out of state with another woman. It was tragic. She was in a home she could not afford, suddenly without a spouse or second income.

And then…she was laid off.

I’ll never forget her face when she picked her son up from school. Ghost white but tear stricken. Her eyes were so sad and frightened. Her hands trembled as she hugged her son and smiled wide to greet him. We ended up talking in the office while her son played with the other teacher and I was devastated for her. I was emotionally shaken by her situation.

I wish I would have known about eBay 10 years ago and could have shown her Tristan O’Brien’s story of making money on eBay. Selling items in her home that she does not use or need because she certainly had a nice home with plenty of items to sell before the job loss and divorce – a potential income opportunity that could have helped her!  Except I had no idea but luckily I was able to connect her with support, charities and churches.

Here is Tristan’s story:


eBay and Tough Times

I sell on eBay for fun. Extra money, to clean the house, declutter and of course to shop with! I like reusing and recycling items and eBay lets me do this. I have a job and don’t look at eBay as an income source but after watching Tristan O’Brien’s story I can honestly say there are many items in my home that could help us pay bills and put food on the table if need be.

Look around your home, what don’t you need? Are you struggling to pay a bill? Have you lost your job and need to afford gifts for the children? With the job market the way it is perhaps thinking outside of the box and looking toward eBay, isn’t such a bad idea. I wish I would have been able to suggest this to that single mom I met 10 years ago, it really could have helped her.

 Maybe eBay is your solution or maybe you can just share this income potential with  someone who is struggling – I bet you can think of someone!

Disclaimer: I am an eBay parent panel member and this post is sponsored. My opinions and thoughts are my own.

Image: creativedoxfoto / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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