Currently my place of employment is initiating a Competition Nutrition Challenge, which is simply a 6 week incentive program to help motivate employees and their families to eat more fruit and vegetables. Not only is it helping us eat healthier but they are giving out monetary prizes and more. Can you imagine, you get paid to eat healthy? Well not everyone gets paid to eat healthy or can even afford to purchase their daily recommended intake of fruits and vegetables.

This has raised my awareness immensely and led me to the computer to do some research and this is where I found, Ample Harvest , a charitable organization, helping supply families with fruits and vegetables verses chips and pop. Ample Harvest enables gardens to donate any excess produce to a local food pantry’s. Over 2,800 food pantry’s are participating in this program all across the Unites States. A few shocking and alarming facts, provided by Ample Harvest is that while 41 million Americans grow food in home gardens, 49 million Americans either do not have or are at risk of not having enough food for their families. If that’s not enough get a load of this, An estimated 100 billion pounds of food, enough to totally eliminate hunger, is thrown away annually in the United States. Maybe we should start thinking before we start pitching.

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You may not be a gardener but that doesn’t mean you can’t help. You can help diminish hunger in your community by following some of the below mentioned suggestions from Ample Harvest:

♥Share this information on your blog and with your network of friends and family across the country – especially backyard, patio and kitchen gardeners – as well as CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) members who may occasionally receive more produce than they can personally use.

♥Share a flier with a food pantry in your community. As 70% of all food pantries are in houses of worship, reach out to your friends in the faith community to ask them to help get a pantry registered.

♥Ask your local garden shop/nursery to help their customers learn about by posting a flier.

♥Let the local media (print and electronic) know about the Campaign. Press/media information is available at

♥Most importantly, if you are a home gardener, please be generous with your excess harvest. You are one of 41 million gardeners in America who, garden by garden, can diminish hunger in your community.

I feel blessed to be able to provide our readers with this information and spread this great word. I’m also taking this information to my place of employment and local food pantry’s and you can do the same.

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