Motherhood is something I always remember wanting. Even when I was little I would put a pillow under my shirt and pretend that I was going to have a baby. Then I would play with my dolls and feed them, dress them, rock them and play mommy. I fondly remember playing mommy and adoring my baby dolls. As I got older I looked after my cousins and the neighborhood kids, I was the mother hen making sure everyone was being good. Then I began babysitting and it was all very natural to me.

Naturally I must be the type of person that likes to take care of people. I even remember one night this past year having people over for a celebration and everyone staying over. The next morning I was up cooking breakfast and taking care of the kids while the adults slept. My dad looked at me and commented that I probably checked on everyone before heading to bed making sure they were covered and safely asleep. Yup, I sure did.

Check on Me

Sometimes I want someone to check on me though. Care for me like I care for others. I’m terrible at asking for this. I have the can do attitude that I’ll take care of it myself, get it done my way or hire someone to do something – I’m not very good asking someone for a favor. I’m very good at doing nice things for other people, thinking of them and putting them first. I think it is just who I am but still, I like to be taken care of.

Mother’s deserve this. All people do for that matter.  I remember not wanting to leave the hospital after baby number two, I enjoyed the nurses checking on me, getting me something to eat and drink and helping with my sweet angel. I knew at home this would change, sore or not I would go back to taking care of everyone else but not myself.

Mother’s Day

I know you have heard this before but on the plane when they say to put the oxygen on yourself first and then your child – we’ll its true. It’s true but I’m not sure how I would feel if I should ever have to be in such a tragic situation but to save others I have to save myself.  Mentally and physically this is important.

I sincerely hope that this mother’s day you take the time to mentally and physically take care of yourself and to let someone check on you, even if it is just for one day.

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