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Have a healthy and safe Halloween with a few of my favorite tips. I love Halloween so this won’t be a post telling you to not eat candy. I get it; it’s bad for you and blah, blah, blah. I’m about moderation but I do have some health and safe Halloween tips that you might find useful, especially if you have older children who like to go with groups of friends of wander ahead knocking on doors because they’re too cool to walk with you.

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Halloween Safety Tips
  • All children should go with an adult, even those pre-teens that think they’re too cool for school. You don’t have to hold their hand but you should be nearby. That’s just my humble opinion.
  • Teach your child to walk only on sidewalks and paths.
  • No jaywalking for some candy, even though I’m guilty of this. Make sure your child crosses the street Rayovac Glow in the Dark Flashlight a #Halloween must have!at the corners and crosswalks. Maybe even, practice a few times before Halloween.
  • No texting, talking or fooling around taking pictures while crossing roads…adults included!
  • Watch closely for cars turning and backing up. Make sure you teach your child to not cross between cars. Kids like to take short cuts to get more candy but safety first!
  • Watch very closely for drivers NOT paying attention. Drivers who are slowing down and are distracted by their phones…which unfortunately happens.
  • Carry a flashlight or glow stick so cars can see your child walking. We love our Rayovac Glow in the Dark flashlight. They’re currently offering free shipping on orders over $25 and if you use the promotion code: GLOWINTHEDARK at check-out, you can get $1.00 off. The flashlight glows! How cool is that? Plus, it is only $4.99 so stock up and use the promotion code!
Healthy Halloween Tips
  • Eat a healthy meal before trick-or-treating. This will help curb your child’s sugar craving…or at least help!
  • Try to purchase non-food items for school parties or trick-or-treating at your own home. Pencils, erasers, glow sticks, stickers, etc. My kids love getting these goodies as much as they love the candy.
  • Examine all candy before eating it. If it has been opened or tampered with just toss it, you can never be too safe.
  • Create a rule that limits the treats. In my home, they get one piece with trick-or-treating and two when they come home. Dad says, two for him and one for them!! Then for the next week we allow them one piece each day and combine all the treats in one large bowl. After a few weeks, dad takes the bowl to work and it’s forgotten about.

Have a safe and healthy Halloween! Hopefully some of my tips are helpful! Do you have any must follow Halloween rules for trick-or-treating?

Disclaimer: I’m a Rayovac Ambassador and I’m compensated for my time. These are my own tips and my opinions.

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