You have started your wedding planning, finding all he right vendors that an eco-friendly attitide.  But what about you?  Is your bathroom filled with products that need to phased out and replaced with organic and natural products?  There is never a better time to start a new beauty regimen than your engagement!

korres-powderYour wedding day should be filled with new make-up products that keep you looking fresh and natural.  Why can’t your beauty products be natural too?  They can be!  My biggest recommendation are Korres Products (  Sold online through  You can also find most Korres products at Sephora (


Make sure that when you are having your make-up trial – that you bring your own products and ask your artist if they can use all natural make-up products in addition to whatever you are providing. They may have more options for you that you might love.

When shopping for new body products, make sure you they are paraben, sulfate and phosphate free (at least).  Try to dr-bronnerslook for the USDA organic label and see if the ingredient list is actually easy to read!  One of the best and oldest products on the market is Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap (www.drbronner)! They have a whole line of organic body products that can be bought online and even at Target stores!

Take care of your environment while concocting your wedding beauty regimen.  It may very well be your lifelong skin-care regimen!

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