Flame retardants are intended to increase the time someone has to get out of a fire but they’ve been shown to not be as effective as the chemical industry” claims” they are. According to CNN, the making of flame retardants by the chemical industry is a 4 billion dollar a year global business which is backed by advocacy groups that are specifically paid to promote the business of the flame retardant chemical industry. In fact, when legislation is proposed these “advocacy groups” are paid by the chemical industry to testify in senate hearings and attempt to block legislation.

Why are flame retardants hazardous to our health and where are they found?

Many of the chemicals that make up flame retardants have been shown to cause thyroid problems and reproductive problems, among other issues, this is stated in the CNN video with Dr. Sanjay Gupta.  In fact the chemical chlorinated Tris or TDCPP is listed as a possible carcinogen. It was banned in the 1970’s from children’s pajamas but because I guess we forgot about the ban and that it was listed as a possible carcinogen it is resurfacing. Julie Herbstman, an environmental studies professor at Columbia University states in a recent CBS News story:

 “It’s listed as a possible carcinogen, which basically means that animals that have been exposed have grown tumors. It’s been shown in most recent studies to affect sperm quality.”

Flame retardants are found everywhere! In children’s products such as baby strollers, pajamas, car seats, mattresses, sofa’s and the list goes on-and-on. Flame retardants have even been found in our food from the super market! What recently caught my attention was the article from Safer States pointing out that high level of chlorinated Tris, a toxic flame retardant chemical was found in children’s nap mats (the same chemical banned in the 1970’s from children’s pajamas)! Little children innocently taking nap on a mat that is unnecessarily full of a toxic chemical, this is just sad and after years of working in the childcare industry I feel even more saddened that I’ve ordered these mats for my students to lay on, not knowing any better.

Luckily states are standing up to the American Chemistry Council and their big bucks but is your state part of this list, if not I hope you urge your congressman/woman to support legislation that protects are children.

Let me ask you:

  • Why can biased and paid testimony be allowed on the senate floor?
  • If a chemical was banned in the 1970’s from children’s pajamas why is being used again in their nap mats and sofa’s?
  • How can the chemical industry be allowed to use a banned substance when it has been shown to be hazardous to our health and our children’s health?
  • If flame retardants are not being shown to be as effective as the chemical industry claims they are why are products being dosed with the chemicals? Where is the risk and benefit calculation?

Take Action

What can you do to help? Does this make you mad or frustrate you? Here are 3 simple action steps:


  1. Join Safer States in the battle and take action today against having toxic flame retardants in your products!
  2. Share with others this blog post and spread awareness on the issue. Here is a sample tweet: Flame retardant chemicals are in what? http://greenandcleanmom.org/?p=12359 Via @greenmom #health #safety
  3. Watch this CNN Video:

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