My head is itching just writing about the experience of having to deal with head lice. Head lice could care less about how much money you make, what your gender is, where you live and if you’re dirty. In fact, they like clean hair! The problem with head lice is when it happens you aren’t prepared, you freak out and run to the store buying toxic ingredients to soak on everyone’s head and spray all over the house.

When I first discovered my son might have some nits I panicked because we were on vacation and there were 9 other children and I was dreading telling the other two moms.  After a very quick break we took action and yes, used the bad toxic stuff on my son’s head, just to be safe. At the time I was certain a brain tumor was growing as he sat patiently for 10 minutes letting the chemicals kill all of the nits.

Then we shaved his head, just to be safe!

I remember reading Jessica Gotlieb’s post about her lice experience and laughing but now I can relate and it certainly is not funny.  I was totally unprepared. I wish I could have called someone to come and save the day like Lice Happens but that wasn’t an option. I did not have any Lice R Gone on hand or Happy Heads Products and we weren’t washing with a shampoo that helps to prevent lice like Babo Botanicals. Lice Logics might have been a good solution and the word on the street is the Robi Comb is a company worth buying stock in it is so awesome!

Instead, I used the bad stuff and bought a Wahl and my son is nearly bald!

I should know better that lice is rarely if ever medically harmful (it is more of a nuisance). In fact, The Today Show recently covered head lice and the new school regulations saying kids should be allowed to go to school with lice verses having a no nit policy. Happy Heads Products offers a great resource page with lice facts that you’ll find helpful if you’re ever faced with the itchy experience! I cannot say I’ve personally used any of the above products but I would have rather been prepared with something less toxic.

What have you used for treating lice? Do you have a similar experience or any natural lice treatments?

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