Choosing Safer Laundry Soaps & Fabric Softeners

Does your laundry soap make you itch? Maybe it is the dryer sheets that are filled with chemicals that are making you scratch? A friend of mine recently said her daughter had a reaction from dryer sheets and I believe it! With an asthmatic daughter who suffers from eczema I can relate to the heart ache of having a little one scratch uncontrollably. It is painful to watch! Like Dr. Francesca Fusco says:

“Children are sensitive little creatures; they have thinner skin than adults, and their immune systems aren’t completely developed, so they aren’t as well-equipped to deal with the irritants in their environments,” says Francesca Fusco, MD, dermatologist in private practice in New York City.”

Dryer sheets and over the counter fabric softeners contain heavy fragrances to make your clothing smell clean and like fresh flowers! Care2 lists the U.S. Environmental Protection Agencies (EPA) list of common ingredients and the combination of these ingredients that are often found in dryer sheets and fabric softeners. Just reading the list makes me scratch! And if you go on to read the article you learn that when the fabric softener is exposed to the heat the synthetic fabric that makes up the dryer sheet sticks to your clothing and doesn’t really wash out. This is exactly why my friend’s daughter even after several washes continues to itch and itch, poor baby!

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With my daughter having such sensitive skin I’ve been very careful to use Shaklee’s Get Clean® line of detergent and dryer sheets or make my own laundry soap and fabric softener. Not only is this better for the environment, and my child’s skin but it also helps save me a ton of money because it is much cheaper to make your own or buy as a Shaklee member/distributor! My friend Stephanie from Good Girl Gone Green also wrote an excellent post that offers some non-toxic alternatives to conventional dryer sheets that I highly recommend you read.

If you’re scratching and wondering why and your little one is breaking out in hives it might be time to look into making your own laundry soap and trying a cheap and non-toxic fabric softener alternative. If you’re not the DIY type of person there are still some great over the counter alternatives. I’d love to hear your opinion on which brands you like and love or any DIY recipes you’ve tried!

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