Packing school lunches and making dinners we aren’t all bored with – is a challenge.  Pouring a bowl of cereal in the morning has gotten pretty lame and the children look at me as though I have lost my mind! I am in a rut and determined to jazz up our mealtime with some new ideas.  This isn’t always easy when you have picky eaters or a husband whose a meat and potatoes man and prefers no chicken or turkey!

To tantalize the taste buds, impress the children {and myself} and still remain healthy I’ve found some new recipes and ideas:

  • Muffins. Triple Chocolate Banana Bread Muffins {whole grain} for breakfast, snack or even a healthy lunch idea in disguise!
  • Pasta done differently. Veggie pasta salad made with fresh vegetables, whole grain noodles and delicious cheese and meat chunks. I will have to experiment with this to see which vegetables my children will and will not eat but as a side or served for lunch it’s a healthy and filling.
  • Left overs and a thermos! Genius idea, why haven’t I thought of that! Well, I have and we have the thermos but the children say the food is never warm when they go to eat lunch. The trick I have discovered – fill the thermos with boiling water to internally warm it before adding the hot food!
  • Change it up visually and get creative! Using the same foods served differently can inspire the children and hubby to eat what ordinary they would not eat or what they’re bored eating. Cutting cheese into shapes or using skewers for fruit kabobs instead of serving fruit in a bowl might be just what the taste buds ordered! Good Life Eats certainly inspired this idea with her great photos and recipes!
  • Keep it Fresh. Free printable guides, recipes and ideas with photos from Fresh for Kids that are easy to keep in a binder for weekly ideas so you can avoid doing the same thing each week and boring yourself and the kids!
  • Make ahead and freeze! Anything you can buy you can make at home better! Make pancakes, waffles and french toast sticks at home, flash freeze and then bag them with wax paper and freezer bags for instant healthy breakfasts!
  • Make a cake for breakfast! I found these three recipes for breakfast cakes that can easily be made healthier using different ingredients but they seem easy to make and filling!
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How do you keep the family happy, healthy and the budget under control for mealtime?

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