Four Heart Healthy Meals Your Sweetheart Will Love

Eating out can be expensive and there is no doubt the calories can add up with the appetizers, bread basket and cocktails. Trust me I know! Eating at home can be healthy and just as delicious but of course you have to find someone to share in the cooking, unless you love it! I’ve found four delicious, healthy and low calorie dinners that I would personally order at a restaurant but now I’m determined to make at home. I thought I’d share these with you on the heels of Valentine’s Day.

  1. Marmalade Chicken: Scrumptious, high in protein and only 213 calories. We like to choose organic chicken so it’s even healthier!
  2. Pork Medallions with Sun-dried Tomatoes: Yes, please and only 180 calories! With a salad I think this would be absolutely divine.
  3. Farfalle with Mushrooms and Spinach: I’m a pasta, spinach and mushroom fanatic so this is right up my ballpark, hold the garlic bread please! Only 219 calories per season and your palate will thank you!
  4. Honey Soy Grilled Salmon with Edamame:  Healthy and scrumptious or maybe it is just me loving this 345 calorie entrée! I’m a Salmon fan and add honey and you can count me in! YUM!

What links or recipes to low calorie, healthy entrée’s and meals do you have?

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