Back to school time means, healthy breakfasts are a must but there isn’t much time to make that happen. We’ve heard it over and over, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This may be the case but I don’t believe every child or person is the “breakfast type”. Personally, I just want some coffee and maybe a piece of toast. I’m just not hungry or in the mood to eat in the morning. My husband loves breakfast food, my son nibbles and my daughter devourers her food and wants breakfast the minutes she wakes up.  Every person is different but that doesn’t change the fact that we all should eat something healthy to start our day.  With very little time in the morning how can parents have a healthy and nutritious meal and not rely on the frozen waffles and sugary cereal?

Here are my back to school, start the day off healthy tips:

1.  Make a breakfast casserole the night before and pop it in the oven.  I make quiches and call them breakfast pies, my son thinks he’s eating something special.   It is packed with protein and I’m controlling the ingredients (organic eggs, whole grain breads, organic milk, fresh broccoli, organic chicken or hormone free sausage).

2.  Smoothies! Smoothies! Smoothies! Here’s my favorite reciepe:

1 cup Stonyfield Organic Vanilla Yogurt

1 cup frozen strawberries or another berry of choice

1/2 cup orange juice

1 whole banana

2 tbs soy protein

Dribble of honey

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Blend together with my magic bullet and serve with whole wheat toast. The kids love this!

3.  Breakfast pizza. It’s easy to make and doesn’t take too much time. Check out this great recipe I found from a home school website and remember, you control the ingredients so make it as healthy and natural as possible!

4.  Fruit Salad and cottage cheese. For my daughter this is a hit. Some pineapple or peaches along with cottage cheese and she is a happy camper.

5.  Oatmeal is a great breakfast if you add some fruit to the meal. This is probably one of my favorites warm and chunky. I love to have this on a cold morning. There are lots of options at health food stores and in the grocery aisle but don’t be fooled by the sugary ones. Remember, you are trying to get away from the sugar and carbs so the swirl of dinosaur eggs hidden in the instant oatmeal probably isn’t the healthiest choice.

6.  Breakfast wrap with whole wheat tortilla, shredded cheese, tofu and tomatoes. The children will love this wrap and it can be dipped in salsa for some extra flavor or scrambled eggs can be added instead of tofu.

7.  Organic vanilla yogurt with granola and fruit. My son is starting to like this but only if he sprinkles the granola on!

8.  If you make pancakes or french toast make them yourself. I add fresh fruit to my pancakes and use a whole wheat batter and add instant soy protein to the mix.  When I make french toast I use whole wheat organic bread and organic eggs and milk. I make several slices and freeze them to use other mornings. I pop in the toaster and my kids have french toast!

9.  Make nutritious muffins with an instant soy protein you can bake with and add veggies or fresh fruit. I like to use shredded zucchini, blueberries, apples chunks, and shredded carrots.  Check out a few of these great recipes: Ventures with Veggies:  Granola Muffins , Deceptively Delicious Muffins,

10.  For the mornings where everyone is running late and the alarm never went off, have some healthy breakfast bars on hand for the car. Be sure to include an organic milk box and a banana to round out the meal.

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For some more great recipes, ideas and inspirations check out Healthy Breakfast Recipes for Kids.  The fruit pizza sounds divine!  Personally, using a great books like,  Organic Baby and Toddler Cookbook has helped guide me in using organic ingredients and incorporating more fruits and vegetables into my children’s diet. It’s for baby and toddlers but I still have a baby and so this helps me and it’s never to early to start!  The best thing to do is to plan ahead and have healthy foods on hand. If cereal is a child’s favorite look for some sugary alternatives and try to add fresh fruit to their bowl.  Make breakfast fun! Be goofy with your food and make faces like the picture! Sometimes we have to be clever to get our children to eat foods that are good for them. Set a good example and eat breakfast yourself, a healthy breakfast! Children are more likely to do as they see and if you’re eating your breakfast pizza, they might do the same!

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