I’ve written about wanting a new car. I want something smaller and yes, more earth friendly. I have “my” ideas on what is safe but I do want to do be kinder to Mother Earth. I also want to spend less green on gas.  I’m still in the thinking, researching, looking, test driving, stage but now my mind is going crazy because I hadn’t even thought of how healthy the inside of the car is.  Who thinks about that? Duh, everyone should. It makes sense. The chemicals in the carpet and upholstery give that new car smell. You know the one! The toxic scent of clean.  Not good. Not good at all.

Now what the heck will I do?  Healthycar.org, lets you see how the toxicity of a vehicle rates and also lets you check your car seat. Remember the post on toxic car seats?  Yeah, well my children have toxic car seats and I’m not too thrilled.  I’m thinking my 2004 vehicle has all the toxic fumes inside worn off. I think. If you’re curious on how toxic your child’s car seat is or the inside of your family vehicle, use this site. I now know, I have a lot more reading and researching to do. With my daughter having asthma, I’m not too sure I’m comfortable having her sit in a toxic car seat in a toxic car. I guess another good reason to hoof it, eh? Head is spinning. Headache coming on. What will I do? 


  1. That’s a tough issue…there are so many things to take in to consideration! I hope you find something that will meet all of your needs. 🙂

    I’m sorry I don’t have any suggestions, just well wishes!

  2. I briefly checked out the Healthy car website and its reports. My car is too old to be rated, 2001. But my husband’s Tacoma rates a 1.4, not bad. This website is good to have. Not only can you search for a vehicle’s safety rating, mpg’s and reliablity, now you can enter health of the interior as a decision tool.

  3. wow, this makes my head spin. There is so much to think about. I guess you could go crazy thinking about all this stuff.

    Who wants to move to antarctic with me or in a bubble?



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