Robin Miller saves dinner My birthday is coming up and I’ll be 32 years old – it feels odd to have already surpassed my 30th birthday. I received an invitation to attend a special cooking premiere with Robin Miller from the Food Network in New York City on my 32nd birthday and I couldn’t think of anything more exciting to do on my birthday than to head to the Big Apple! It seems as though the invitation came at just the right time because I needed the oomph to to have healthier, faster and from home dinners prepared – I just happened to need some nudging! when I accepted the invitation I immediatlyFreezing food with Robin Miller went out and about two of Robin Miller’s cook books and made a pledge to do some healthy home cooking and share what I’ve learned with you. It has been roughly two weeks where my family has only eaten out twice, plus  there are meals frozen, noodels boiled and frozen along with some homemade meatballs and sauce for when I need something or I’m headed out of town (which if more frequently nowadays).

robin-millerWhat I’ve come to love about Robin Miller’s receipes and the two cookbooks that I have (she’s written 8 so far) – she seriously makes things easy and gives me the extra nudge I need to prep a little more, boil the extra noodles or make an extra to freeze for another meal. Simple steps and yummy foods that come at a time where I’m busier than ever completing my masters degree (last class and three more weeks to go), launching a new business called 3 Green Angels, working full time with the Great Start Collaborative and being the best mommy and wife I can be. I’m looking forward to more cooking at home, tips from Robin Miller via her books, show and in person so stay tuned for updates!

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Thus far we have tried and have come to enjoy and love the following receipes:

Maple Orange Chicken – I like more than the children but that’s okay! =)

Cheddar stuffed burgers in what she calls her morphing meals and I froze a dozen of these cooked to use in the future for others meals.  Yum, yum, yum!

Tomato Basil Sauce and I could not believe how tasty and easy this sauce was to make and store.

Sheppards Pie and it is to DIE FOR! I served it with rolls and we mopped it up!

Blue Cheese Pasta and I added some shrimp and garlic bread to the mix and the children ate this for two days. Simply delicious and easy to make.

A few things I am attempting when using Robin Miller’s tips and reciepes:

 I am trying to use far less plastic than Robin suggests throughout her cookbooks and more glasswear.

I am trying to choose organic or hormone free whenenver financially possible.

I am attempting to buy local and fresh if possible and time permits.


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