Down 25 Pounds Here and 18 Inches

One month into 2012 and I feel as though the New Year is just that – renewing. I’ve come close to meeting my weight loss and inch loss goal. I’m officially at a healthy BMI, I’ve lost 28 pounds and over 18 inches and I’m into my almost skinny jeans! I have 10 more pounds to go and a lot of toning and working out to do but I’m confident that I can do it! I started my weight loss journey back in September and I feel very lucky to have had the help of the Cinch Inch Loss plan, their support tools and community to help me but I know that it’s more than a program because I’ve been on Weight Watchers and other programs-it’s about a state of mind and commitment to living healthier long term.

To help me figure out how I was going to stay on a healthier path long term I took a sheet of paper and divided it into three columns. In 2012 I wanted a renewed faith, health and family life. I need to circle back to the basics and to do this I put faith, health and family life in each column and wrote 3-5 goals for each one of these important things in my life. They are all very intertwined and connected and my first day going to church this New Year when the pastor talked about cleansing and forgiveness, the tears ran down my cheeks. I was cleansing, I was living healthier and I was forgiving myself and making a new and better path for a healthier and happier future. I have to tell you, I felt as though I was being directly spoken too and part of my weight issue has always been carrying burdens with me – pounds. I feel lighter in more than one way.

One of my goals for my family this year and it’s directly connected to my health and their health but also to what in natural and given to us and that is fresh food without pesticides, growth hormones and artificial ingredients. Good earth bound foods that nourish the body and mind. I no doubt love food and indulgences are not foreign to me but circling back to why I began this blog and how green living is important to me I am doing some re-evaluating.
  • Less packaged food because it is convenient
  • More farm fresh food
  • More fresh vegetables and fruits at each meal
  • Less eating out
  • More cooking with my children

As I begin to wrap up my Cinch Inch Loss program in the next few months when my goal weight is met the way I eat will be significant in my long term success. I’ll still use the program on a daily basis for breakfast because the bars and shakes are delicious, full of protein and vitamins AND I don’t usually eat breakfast so this will help me stay on track.  The way I eat and cook also serves as a role model to my children and I owe it to them to give them a healthy life.

What are your goals for 2012?


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