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It’s that time of year when the older children are home from school for the holiday break. This means they’ll want to play more video games, watch more television and out of boredom and because they can – they’ll want to eat more.

It’s time to get prepared and stock up on healthy, filling and nutritious snack and meal supplies:

1.  Fruit. Frozen fruit or fresh fruit but lots of fruit! Have the kids make fruit smoothies, banana pops, fruit pops and fruit salad. Have a fruit guessing contest where the children have to be blidfolded, eat the fruit and guess what it it is. Get creative and add fruits to cereal, muffins and pancakes!

2. Trail Mix. Head to the cupboard and empty the cereal boxes, raisens, soy nuts, dry fruits and make creative combo’s for the children to try. When they’re hungry have them enjoy a cup of trail mix that they’ve created!

3. Pizza. Pizza. Pizza. Avoid paying for delivery or take out this holiday break. Stock up on whole wheat bagels and english muffins, make your own sauce, have lots of veggies and toppings and let the children play pizza shop. Have them create menus, take turn being servers, kitchen help, dishwasher and cook.

4. Yogurt. Get flavorful and creative with yogurt. Have the chlidren add fruit to yogurt, dip pretzels in yogurt and naturally flavor unsweetened plain yogurt.

5.  Recyle and Reuse. If your child is a snacker it might be worth controling the empty calories and avoiding over eating and nagging by using some old egg cartons. Take one washed egg carton and in the morning fill each of the 12 empty spots with a variety of foods (dried fruit, cereals, crackers, etc.) The child can eat from this whenver they are hungry, not ask you for food and you’re in control of what they’ve eaten.

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