Raise your hand if you need some healthy eating and snack ideas? My kids sometimes want to eat simply because they are bored. If one child eats the other one wants to eat. If dad comes home and has dinner the children want to eat again.

It is easy to overeat this way.

With childhood obesity being an epidemic in our country and both my daughter and I being slightly overweight and not from too many apples…I am very aware of how important it is for our family to eat healthy snacks and not over eat. Here are a few tips my family is employing to eat healthier and stay lean and trim or get lean and trim:

1. Water. We are drinking water over juice whenever possible. Mom is cutting out the bad for her diet soda! If the children have eaten and think they are hungry they drink a glass of water first and then reassess. Sometimes they just need to be hydrated.

2. Fruit. More and more fruit. Need a snack? We have plenty of apples, oranges, grapes and strawberries ready to eat. After eating an apple we’re all full!

3. Vegetable. Cut up peppers, carrots and celery sticks are always available if anyone is in the mood for a snack.

4. One treat each day. I’m not about depriving the children or myself so we get one treat each day. After a good dinner or a cookie in their lunch.

5. Eating a good breakfast. It is easy to skip breakfast but by lunch we’re ravished and overeat. Having a good breakfast prevents over snacking throughout the day and leads to all of us eating better throughout the day.

So how are you eating healthier at home? What are your healthy snack ideas? Join me and the Horizon Milk Community to talk more about healthy snacking, LIVE next week!

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