Today my kids started school and what a whirl wind our mornings can be. I think I asked them to brush their teeth fifty times and I know they can HEAR me, it is selective listening. Some kids, however, actually cannot hear so well and that’s why they don’t respond or they ask for you to repeat what you’re saying over-and-over. This is not the case for my children, they’d rather just play outside or watch television than listen to me and brush their teeth!First day of school 2013

Have you ever wondered about your child’s hearing? Maybe your child is doing poorly in school, had frequent ear infections as a toddler or preschooler, and doesn’t respond when you ask them to do something or you have to repeat what you say? These are all signs of a hearing impairment which can interfere in speech, language and learning.

If you are concerned it is important to have your child’s hearing tested. My son had speech issues in preschool and we had his hearing tested to rule out any issues. It is always better to be safe than sorry and the earlier you detect an issue the sooner your child can begin treatment to avoid any issues in school. I highly suggest talking to your doctor if you have any concerns and having your child’s hearing tested, it is always worth it. After all I say trust your gut!

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Wearing headsets with proper volume control for hearing protection. With the onset of young children putting headphones on to watch a movie in the car, listen to their iPod or play their tunes, it’s even more important to be sensitive to hearing damage and make sure those headsets are used properly and you monitor volume control. The selective listening could otherwise very quickly be not so selective! We have a rule that if I can hear your headset, it is too loud! There are also volume controlled headsets for kids, which are even safer to use because really children have no idea the damage they could do to their hearing and why it is so important.

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