As a Green and Clean mom, you would think I drink a ton of water. Seeing that I have a new water bottle I should be consuming tons of it. What do you actually know about water? Did you know that 70% of your body is made of water? How about that your hair, skin, nails and entire body needs this clear liquid for nourishment? Okay, I’m a mom and I’m lecturing and I’m the pot calling the kettle black. Maybe you’re like me and you doubt the cleanliness of the water. How old are those pipes in your city and what about the scary stuff in the news that talks about water being dirty and contaminated (you know you’ve heard it)! The doctor told me I could give my children tap water because it was safe but then why don’t we actually drink the tap water? We have three water filters in our home, one at the tap, one at the fridge and one in the fridge! Maybe this is where the word CLEAN comes into the blog title! I could scare you with all of these statistics I have about dirty water and people getting sick and dying but that’s kind of boring to read and it would freak you out and in all honesty, in comparison to what third world countries…we are better off. Regardless of this moms still want the healthiest, safest choice and that’s why they have water filters. So let me cut to the chase and just tell you I’m going to be giving away 5 PUR water filtration systems™ to help my other Green and Clean moms out there keep it “PUR”!

This is part of a big campaign with Cindy Crawford (tried to score an interview but no luck…maybe she’ll post here) and PUR filtrations systems™ to help provide safe drinking water for children in impoverished countries. The campaign is titled, Thirst for Change and Cindy designed a Sigg water bottle with all of the proceeds going to support the campaign. Go to, Thirst for Change, buy a water bottle and help children in third world countries have safe drinking water. It couldn’t be any easier! The idea is very simple, buying bottled water is out and not good for you with all the bad plastic and stuff and the fact that it hurts the environment. Except then you wonder about your tap water. This is where you can insert the idea of a PUR water filtration system ™. You get to have tap water and a reusable water bottle that you purchased to help someone else! Love it and please note, no payment, to use such an affectionate word!Want to try to be a lucky winner? I know you do!

Here’s how it’s going to work and I’m going to keep it simple and PUR!


~Post one comment that tells me that you have linked Thirsty For Change and this contest to your blog and you are entered (must link back to this blog, which equal more people buying bottles).
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Anyone that scores me an interview with Cindy Crawford will win one for sure! It could happen so I have to put it out there and try…right?
Contest Begins May 01, 2008 and a winner will be drawn on Mother’s Day!!!
Open to U.S. Residents and one entry per household.
Contest Closed.

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