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I can’t tell you how quickly the months seem to be flying by and before I know it, July will be here. I’ll have my toes in the grass, my skin will be slightly less pale and pasty and I’ll have eaten ice cream and played in Lake Michigan. I’ll also be heading to Chicago with my sister and aunt for BlogHer 09′! I’m so excited to be in rooms where people get what I’m talking about. To meet others that care about Twitter, stats, plugins, Flickr and all the other “silly” stuff us “bloggers” talk about. I’m ready to meet bloggers whose blogs I haven’t read yet and others whose blogs I read daily. I have a long list of people I can’t wait to meet. After two years of reading their words, looking at their photos and in some cases talking on the phone – BlogHer 09′ will seem like a reunion verses a first time meeting. I wanted to name all the bloggers and women I’m excited to finally meet but the list is so long and I’m fearful of leaving someone out. Instead I’m going to extend my gratitude to the two sponsors that believe in Green and Clean Mom and who are helping to defray some of the costs.

The Soft Landing has been a huge supporter and friend of mine. A resource I continually go to, buy from, tell everyone about and call on in times of need. Alicia Voorhies and her family are truly inspirational to me. Their hard work, tslbanner125x125tenacity for providing all of us with safe and healthy products and pushing the companies to the limit on the phone about manufacturing If you don’t subscribe to the blog you’re missing out on some great information weekly!. Alica supports me on Twitter (please follow @thesoftlanding for great tweets), answers my emails, leaves comments regularly at my blog and participates at the Green and Clean Mom Community not to mention her support for Organic Baby Products 101. A mom, wife, nurse, business owner and she home schools three children…I’m amazed and honored she takes the time to support me like she does. Hats off to Alicia and The Soft Landing team and thank you for your generous sponsorship.

Stonyfield Farms a company who reached out as one of my first ever reviews because they liked what Green and Clean Mom was about. A company whose yogurts grace my fridge weekly and whose ice cream is delicious. I love their kid friendly blog with a farmer site and information, newsletters and coupons as well as their delicious and creamy Oikos Organic Greek yogurt. I reviewed this several months ago and since it has 0g of Fat and 15g of protein plus it tastes like heaven I’m more than hooked. Hopefully I’ll have some coupons to share with you at BlogHer. I love that this company has been around since 1997 and takes reducing, reusing and recycling to heart. They even make toothbrushes and razor blade handles with their excess plastic cups-wow! They’re holding themselves and other companies to a high standard with Climate Counts and if you get a second check it out. Bravo Stonyfield Farms and thank you for your support and sponsorship.

I’m looking forward to all the the summer months will bring me, especially BlogHer 09′. Will you be there?

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