Brain Breaks for Helping Online Learners #k12 #teaching

When you’re sitting at the computer for hours on end, it is easy to be sedentary. Trust me I know and my waist line is paying the price (not something I am happy about with my weight loss success) but so is my energy level. Now that I’m teaching online I don’t have the time to go out for a morning walk, my days start earlier working in the same time zone. (Go figure!) If I’m not moving and being active I worry and wonder about my students and because a computer separates us I can’t exactly give them a 20 minute recess!

Anyone that knows me well or knows my background in early education will understand that I am a big proponent of recess, play andBrain Breaks for Helping Online Learners #k12 #teaching not over scheduling children but letting them explore and have free-time. This is why I voiced my concern when I heard that recess could be reduced at my own children’s school!

Being a proponent of activity for children (of all ages, adults included) I’ve done some research on how I can become more active myself as an online K12 teacher and how I can help and encourage my students and families to get moving. After all activity has many health benefits but it also stimulates the mind and can help students focus and learn better. Try it for yourself and take a quick break to do some jumping jacks and I bet you’ll clear your mind, have more energy and be more productive!

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Here are a few things I am going to aim to do and look into further:

  1. Send out tips and advice to my parents through the weekly newsletter encouraging them to try an new inside game, take a “recess” break and go outside for a brisk walk or even to get-up and run in place for one minute and set a timer to do this every hour so the student and parent is not just sitting.
  2. I hope to send out a weekly brain break clip such as some of these listed from Teach Train Love to my students. I like to send Monday morning newsletter to get the kids going each week and sending them a clip to start out with or that they can play throughout the week could be fun and give them something to look forward to. Of course I would make sure I am using my YouTube safety tips for sharing videos with my students.
  3. During my homeroom and online sessions with students utilize Go Noodle. An interactive and fun website where teachers create accounts and together with their classrooms take activity breaks! I’ll put the activity on along with my web cam so the students can see me doing the activity and encourage them to join along and get moving with me!

So tell me, how do you encourage your kids to be active? What tips do you have?

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