Every year it seems like the curriculum for school’s get tougher, which includes pre-school and kindergarten. Luckily, my daughter has been interested in books, drawing and coloring since she was old enough to interact. We are ecstatic that she has taken an interest in scholastic activities and have embraced this but like most parents we need assistance in implementing and teaching her how to read and write while keeping her interested at such a young age. To help us on the endeavor we have bought flash cards, games and movies to assist us. I believe that some of these products were helpful and that our daughter has learned and enjoyed these products along the way but when I was given the opportunity to review ClickN Kids I was on board. My daughter loves to play on the computer and participate in interactive, educational games and activities so it made sense to give it a shot.

ClickN Kids is an educational web-based program that teaches spelling and phonics. The program has interactive cartoon characters that walk the child through the lesson plans and encourages them along the way. The characters are reassuring and helpful which kept my daughter excited and interested in the program.

The site offers ClickN Read and ClickN Spell, both research based programs that come with high accolades. ClickN Read is rated for Kindergarten-3rd grade and ClickN Spell is rated for preK-8th grade. Both programs offer progress reports, cumulative results reports and individual lesson plan reports. The reports allow the child and parent to see their progress and the recommended areas that should be worked on or repeated.

My daughter and I are working primarily with ClickN Read so let me walk you through are experience.

I log on using a password then click on the Run Lessons Icon. We start off learning the sounds of letters. For example, the first 3 lessons you learn the letters A,M,S and T. We learn the sounds of the letter and keyboard recognition for the letter. After that our animated character shuttles us off to the Listening Cube where we learn world blending. My daughter has to incorporate the letters into words. Once you progress through the lessons you will get to the Reading Room where you are taught word and sentence reading skills. Last but not least you end up in the Speed Chamber where you practice the skills that you have learned. After each lesson I check her progress report. This lets me know if she needs to practice that letter or word again and what percentage she got on that lesson plan. Since my daughter is so young the lessons take a lot longer and the progress is much slower but each child will progress through the lessons at their own pace, which is comforting for both the child and parent. There is no pressure to rush through a lesson plan or worry about what other kids around you are doing because it’s all individualized.

This program is being used by kids, parents and teachers it’s a great tool for those that are home schooled. The program is interactive, educational, affordable and fun. My daughter loved the characters and had fun all while learning to read. Get Click’N and teach your kids how to read and spell.


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