With ongoing budget cuts and pressure for better test scores physical education has been pushed to the way side. When I was in school PE was the only class that I enjoyed and felt confident attending. Kids that were like me, less brain and more brawn, no longer have an outlet for their pent up energy. It has been said time and time again that regular exercise boosts brain power, call me crazy but wouldn’t that help with the test scores??? We all know how important fitness is to the health and development of children but the pocket books don’t always support the need.

Henkel Helps, Established in 2007 by Henkel, the company behind some of the nation’s leading brands is looking to help fatten the pocket books of one deserving school with $25,000. The money is to be used towards providing enhanced health and fitness education, equipment, technology, resources and services. You can help one deserving school gain back the joy of physical education by simply voting for your favorite contestants video. The videos depict the health and fitness issues facing their school and how they would utilize their $25,000 prize money. Good luck to all contestant, I only wish there was enough money to support the physical education of all schools.

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Henkel Helps has a long history of helping encourage and support physical education, keep posted on their new and upcoming contests by visiting their site.

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