Talking about personal hygiene isn’t the most comfortable topic to talk about but it is human nature. Many females get that “not so fresh feeling” or would like to freshen up the undercarriage before or after intimate moments with their significant others. We know that toilet paper doesn’t cut it, baby wipes aren’t flushable, wash clothes are messy and produces more laundry for us, no thanks. Luckily we have found the solution!

Swipes Inc. a eco friendly earth conscious company has produced Swipes Lovin Wipes® an eco-friendly personal hygiene wipe intended to clean before and after intimate moments. The company says they are biodegradable, compostable, septic safe and truly flushable. They are made with Aloe, Vitamin E and pure water, but are free from alcohol and chlorine. The wipes come in a fresh, mild cucumber fragrance or to be more discreet you can use the unscented version. Swipes Inc. uses 98% renewable resources, all natural ingredients and approximately 70% less plastic than most pop tops Their product is devoted to being gentle on you and gentle on the earth too.

I enjoyed using the product to freshen up after hot days, before intimate moments and during my not so fresh times of the month. It’s a great product that comes in travel size pouches or larger size packages. They are affordable, they are eco friendly, they don’t burn or sting during or after use and they really do make you feel cleaner. Thanks Swipes Lovin Wipes for sending us the product to review! I am feeling fresh!

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