I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver.
Maya Angelou 

Holiday shopping season is upon us and with black Friday around the comer and cyber Monday too, it’s time to start making our lists and shopping. This of course means spending money that we’ve worked hard for but there is nothing better in life than giving someone you love a gift. I love giving gifts to say thank you, tell someone how special they are to me, how I appreciate their business and how much I care for them.

Sending a personal gift is the key to great gift giving and to accomplish this I keep 2 very important things in mind at all times:

  1. What would the person receiving the gift enjoy, what will make them smile and be enjoyable or useful to them?
  2. How can the gift best reflect my personality or genuine love, respect or genuine feelings of gratitude?

There is nothing worse than giving someone a gift and having them dislike the gift, wonder why you decided to choose that particular gift or have them immediately begin thinking of how they can “re-gift” your present.

To add a personal touch I like to shop ProFlowers® for one very simple reason. There’s such great holiday gift variety that I can ship anywhere. I can find gift baskets, flowers, candies, coffee’s, cookies and organic fruit baskets that reflect my personality but also makes the person I’m sending the gift to very, very happy. I’ve never sent a ProFlowers® gift that wasn’t well received and when I get a gift sent from ProFlowers®, I’m always very happy.

Here are a few of my favorite ProFlowers® gifts to send:

Organic Dried Fruit Basket: Offering a healthy snack option for those I work with that are on the health conscious end of the spectrum but this also makes a great office gift for work associates.

Margarita Entertaining Gift Basket: A great option for any friend that enjoys a good time and when this basket arrives there’s always a big smile on the recipient’s face! I always hope they’ll wait for me to share in breaking open the bar!

Super Seven Peanut Samplers: I’m a wee bit of a nut and so this gift makes perfect sense coming from me but it’s also perfect for the men in my life or for the office staff and others not allergic to peanuts!

Alright so tell me, are you ready for the holidays? Seriously consider checking out ProFlowers® to help make your holiday gift giving person and easier!

Disclaimer: I received a gift card to shop ProFlowers® but my opinions are my own. I sincerely recommend ProFlowers®.


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