These are the words that my husband spoke to me when I asked him last year where his wedding band went. I was devestated – doesn’t he understand what that ring means and how I picked it out for him and gave it to him in front of our friends, families and GOD? The symbolism behind the ring meant so very much to me but the idea of buying another one that very day or week was not something that either of us were eager to do. A day, week and then a month turned into year with no wedding band.

We shopped around a few times, measured his finger again (huge at 12.5 for a ring size) and decided he liked the look of tungsten or ceramic. Being someone that can easily destroy things I liked the idea of a ring that could really stand up to my mans wear and tear = Tungsten. Ceramic was the more eco-friendly choice but he liked the tungsten best and it is his ring afterall, right.

tungsten wedding ringsDoing some research and looking at a number of online sites I ended up finding a great resource new to the web but with outstanding services, reviews and products (including ceramic) Titanium Wedding Bands and Tungsten Engagment rings. Personally, I’ve never done much reserach on wedding bands and what is or is not eco-friendly and safe in terms of toxicity and this is where I’m asking you – my readers to help me out. What do you know and do you have recommendations (not a place to sell your products folks) or suggestions on a green wedding band option besides ceramic?

I have to admit, my husband looks a little sexier with his wedding ring on lately and I truly love his new Tungsten ring that was ordered and had a great shipping time, excellent customer service with a life time guarantee, directions on how to remove the ring if he is in an accident and it needs to be cut off as well as engraving services (I can’t tell you waht I got engraved but it was cute). A wide selection and I have to say thanks to Nick  at Tungsten Online for how great he has been working with me – we’re happy customers that is for sure!

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