Happy Earth Day all of you Green & Clean Moms out there!!!! What a beautiful day! I have barely been on the computer because the children I have been taking walks, planting, and picking up garbage. I opened up my inbox and had an email from the Environmental Defense Fund and thought I’d share this very inspiring video. It speaks of hope and possibility and I think if more of us mommies unite there is indeed hope and possibility.

I also want to take a few sentences to firmly stand behind a product I so firmly believe in and a company, Shaklee. You can listen hereto my thoughts and feelings about Shaklee and the word “green”, in a recent interview I had with the company. I do not toot my own horn often and say I am a Shaklee Distributor because that is not what this “blog” is about, however, today seems like a very fitting place to tell you my feelings and point out to you while many companies are making their products “green” they are not a “green” company. Did you know that Shaklee was the first company to be certified climate neutral by the E.P.A., among other great environmental feats and connections? These are reasons I am with this company and their products are right for me and my family. Click here to watch a recent clip from the Rachel Ray show and what she has to say about the products.

I’d like to do a giveaway, sponsored by, myself! For one lucky family I would like to giveaway some green cleaners, that I love! To enter this contest I would like for you to do two things. GIVEAWAY CLOSED.

1) Leave a post with your spam proof email.
2) If you have a natural and non-toxic green cleaning tip or short cut for the home or garden tell us about it.

Begins Earth Day and end on Mother’s Day…two very honorable days!

Of course, when you stumble me, dig me or subscribe I get more of the oh so “green” Google juice and I can’t get enough of that!!! If you have time you might want to also check out this wonderful article I was emailed from Kiwi (my favorite green mom magazine)! Happy Earth Day!

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