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Green & Clean Mom says, "Go Organic!"

Packing a healthy school lunch or a lunch on the go for our little green sprouts, it’s something we all want. Buying organic milk without hormones and nasty antibiotics is a priority for many green moms and a great place for moms to start when they’re beginning to buy organic. For me, it was the first place I started. There are lots of brands out there and some bigger companies are labeling their milk hormone free because the farmers pledge to not use hormones. If it is a small company and I can see the cows, meet the farmer, okay maybe but otherwise I say choose Organic and Horizon Organic Milk is a great choice!

Horizon Organic Milk is the only milk with DHA Omega Three and they even provide a lactose free milk.  I know many of you might think it is too expensive but here is my thought:  make choices and cut out other unnecessary items on the grocery list to afford organic milk.  For my family that might mean no soda or junk food, which we shouldn’t have anyhow. With my children drinking organic milk that is more expensive we are less wasteful and the children drink every last drop because I am not pouring pennies down the drain!

Recently, the children and I tried a wide variety of the milk boxes, which are perfect for on the go lunches and a must have for my sons lunch box!  We sampled the strawberry, vanilla, low-fat milk and the chocolate and yum, yum! My son did not like the strawberry but my daughter wanted more!  What I love best about these milk boxes, they don’t have to be refrigerated. Once you refrigerate them they should stay refrigerated and cold and that’s how they taste best.  I order them in bulk from Amazon and always have them on hand for traveling and packing lunches.

If you haven’t visited the Horizon Organic website I suggest you surf on over there for some great tips and information. If you sign up for their newsletter you’ll probably score some coupons and that’s a plus! My son enjoyed playing games at the site and learning about the farm and I liked the tips for going organic and recipes.

Why not? Great tips for free!

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