Yesterday was my daughters first day of preschool, she did way better than I did. She was a little nervous but me on the other hand, I cried like a baby after I dropped her off. I walked her into her new school with her recycled backpack and re-usable lunch pal in tow and crossed my fingers that she would be ok. Guess what? She was.

My baby girl (and me) made it through her first day of school. With the rest of the school year ahead of us this is a great time to start earning more points for Recyclebank. I hope everyone is playing along with the Green your school year campaign that helps promote green alternatives and a healthy life style while earning points and prizes.

In order to keep my daughters first day of school as green as possible she was wearing hand me down clothes, a recycled back pack, re-usable lunch pal and water bottle, and she changed into a pair of slippers in order to keep the dirt and toxins out of the classroom. I have earned 150 points through Recyclebank while living green and keeping my daughter and environment healthy. How did you Green you first day of school?





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