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Trying to buy organic food can be expensive unless you do it right and are in the right frame of mind. It’s about knowing what organic food is most important to buy and the availability of that food. Over at the Green and Clean Mom Facebook page I started this conversation and learned from others  it is about choice, thinking about an investment in your health and that not all organic foods are available to everyone year around.

Here are some tips for buying organic foods cheap:

Use the List.  Healthy Child Healthy World has put together a simple list of 10 foods you should choose organic based on the number of pesticides found on these foods. Like peaches, apples and strawberries!

Buy in Season.  When the farmers market has organic blueberries – stock up! Freeze or can whatever fruits and veggies you can buy in season and when the winter hits you’ll be prepared and won’t have to pay the high price.

Rethink your Food Budget.  How much do you spend on boxed or canned foods? Do you shop in the aisles or on the outside of aisles? Consider not buying the boxed potatoes, soda and chips and using that part of your food budget for fresh fruits and veggies that are organic or from the farm market.

Grow Your Own. I am not really good at this but I would like to improve and grow my own tomatoes and summertime foods I love. It is cheaper and I can control how the veggies are grown.

Go Online. Some of my favorite brands provide coupons on a regular basis. Stonyfield Farms, Horizon Milk and Mambo Sprouts are a few of my favorite.


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