Makeup brushes harbor bacteria and grime from your different makeup products but most people don’t clean them as often as they should. My makeup brushes live in my cosmetic bag and there’s a lot of other stuff in this bag so it is safe to say they get dirty and these brushes then touch my face. Nasty! So I clean my makeup brushes at least every two weeks and I like to do this on Friday and take break from wearing makeup on Saturday, if at all possible! If I have something happening Saturday, I aim for Sunday but I like to give myself at least one day free of makeup (okay I put on mascara and lipstick)!

Here is my 3 step solution for cleaning your makeup brushes and this is easy and cheap, all you need is hot water and vinegar! Plus, your makeup brushes will last longer if you clean them on a regular basis and you skin will thank you, no more nasty breakouts or clogged pores.

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