4th of July often means BBQ’s and picnics – which can lead to unhealthy eating choices, which we all have to face and probably give into, just a little. If you’re having a BBQ try serving tons of fresh fruit and grilling some corn. Yes, grilling your corn! It will be healthy, unless you put too much butter and salt on the corn!

Choose corn with husks that are closed so you have no missing kernels. You get to keep the husks on when you grill corn, which means no stripping off the husks and having a big mess all over the place! Yay! You do need to peel down the husk but not remove it completely and yes; you have to pull of the hairs. If you see damaged kernels cut them away.

Next, place all of your corn in a large bucket or kitchen sink full of cold water. Immerse the corn in the cold water and let it sit for at least 30 minutes. This will help the corn from burning. After it has been in the water for at least 30 minutes dry the corn, add butter or other seasoning to your corn.  Dried herbs or cayenne pepper add some variety! After you have added your seasonings rewrap the corn cob in the husk and twist the ends to seal the corn. If necessary you can use a twist tie or twine to tie the end.

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Grill the corn for roughly 30 minutes with the grill hot and closed. When you remove the corn all of the spices and seasoning will have been soaked into the corn for a delicious taste. This makes a great side dish for burgers, steak or any 4th of July BBQ! Enjoy!

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