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I’m the mom that carry’s everything. I feel like I’m Mary Flippin Poppins! My purse, my car and my pockets are full of whatever it is that you might need and the kids are empty handed (husband too!) asking me to hold this, carry this or hang on to that. Sure why not, my bag purse already weighs 100 pounds!

Need a tissue? How about an iPod or two? Tweezers for a sliver, a broken crayon or maybe a granola bar? Yup I have all of it and then some stashed in my purse or tucked into my van compartments (and probably my jean pockets)!

This always causes a problem when we go bike riding or we’re using our bikes at the camp ground. The kids can’t carry a back pack and bike for any distance at this point. It’s not very safe for them to be holding anything in their hands while biking (though I did it as a kid). This means I’m juggling this or that while biking and I’m a major klutz so it isn’t the safest thing for me either.  Holding the bubbles to use at the park, the beach towel around my neck and the sunscreen between my teeth…it’s a sight for sore eyes and not very easy to do. I’m just terribly uncoordinated and seriously I’m going to break my neck if I keep trying to carry it all and bike!

Bike baskets that are durable and great for your summer bike adventures!

The answer my friends for not killing myself while biking and still being the mom that can carry it all is a bike basket! Duh! Why didn’t I think of that before? Not just any bike basket though. A Nantucket Bike Basket available at Rodale’s. Very pretty bike baskets that are durable and made from sustainably grown rattan. You have to see the baskets in person but they are so nicely woven together and extra thick. I can fit so much in the ride-and-carry basket that attaches tNantucket Bike Basket for summertime rides!o the rear of my bike and then detaches to carry with me. The perfect solution for biking to the lake or pool when we are camping! Roll up the towels, pack the snacks and sunscreen and away we roll and mama won’t roll off her bike trying to juggle it all!

And my favorite is the front bike basket because not only is it beautiful and durable but it is adorable too. Plus it will attach to the front of my bike handles and I can leave it on all summer. It will be great for carrying all the “stuff” everyone wants me to babysit and for making sure that my phone, camper keys and favorite book are with me as we bike to the park.

I’ve come to terms with always having to carry everything but now my life will be a little easier when it comes to biking. Plus my bike will look super cute toting these baskets this summer. A great gift for any mom or heck for yourself because let’s face it, who doesn’t like to have their hands free when they go biking?

Thanks Rodale’s I’m a safer biker and a well prepared mom toting all my tissues, band aids, sunscreen and bug spray! Be sure to check out Rodale’s yourself for great adorable gifts, home and garden items and fitness apparel – an online shop with a little bit of everything and whole lot of eco-friendly green goodies!

P.S. You’ll notice there are no pictures of the baskets on my bike yet. That is because it has either been snowing here or now raining and we have yet to have a day to get our bikes out of storage for a bike ride. Boo-hoo! Follow me on Instagram and you’ll see pictures in the very near future!

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