Emotional eating, don’t lie you’ve done it.  We all have and if you deny this I can’t believe you. We’re tired so we eat, in fact there’s proof that being tired causes us to eat more. Go figure, I make bad choices when I’m tired. We feel lonely so we visit our friends Ben & Jerry. Come on, admit you do this and guess what they’re laughing all the way to the bank because they’ve become our BFF. I’m stressed so I munch on food and it’s salty and high in carbs and calories. All these carbs, the sugar and calories that I believe is consoling me actually console my hips and buttocks.

Working on myself and working with these amazing and inspirational Shaklee bloggers who are all aspiring to lose weight I’ve come to learn a ton about myself, my struggles with weight loss, my weaknesses and the strengths I have too. Lately, I’ve heard more and more about myself but I’ve also come to realize that emotional eating impacts all of us or those of us admitting it. I’ve written about this before but now I’m motivate to do more “Goggle” research to help those of us suffering from binge eating and loving the ice cream tub or bag of chips more than we love ourselves some days…you know those days? I mean what is your emotional eating quotient, do you even know? What are your triggers? Do you know your triggers that make you eat or go overboard and head for cookie bag?

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So tell me what advice do you have for those who Binge eat? Are you an emotional eater, if so how do you overcome this challenge?

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