How to Use Essential Oils

How to Use Essential Oils

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Essential Oils rock my world. I’ve shared many articles about how I use essential oils in my home, for beauty products, and when I travel. I truly believe they work and for me, they certainly help change my mood and can impact how I’m feeling. If I have a bad day, I add some of my favorite essential oils into my diffuser, put on some good tunes or a favorite Podcast and life gets better. Even for a few moments. The question I get all of the time is, how do you use essential oils?

Using essential oils can be super confusing, I get that and I’m no expert. They’re sold in big box stores, by distributors, health food stores, and gift shops. How does one know which ones to buy, what works, what is safe and how to use them (other than a diffuser).

If you Google or head down the Pinterest rabbit hole, you will find many conflicting options. This is time consuming and frustrating. Don’t go there, let me help save you time, money and your sanity.

How to Use Essential Oils

My friends at Ultimate Bundles create a Herbs & Essential Oils Super Bundle by partnering with herbalists, certified aromatherapists and other experts to put together one massive bundles with everything you need to know about Essential Oils. This Essential Oils bundle has 22 eBooks, 4 eCourses, 6 printables, and 2 membership sites — all to help you:

    • Match the best remedies to your unique health needs
    • Discover why and how the various remedies actually work (and the science behind it)
    • Use essential oils and herbs in your home for cleaning, relaxation, beauty, skincare, energy, even cooking and more
    • Feel confident with easy-to-follow guides whether you’re just starting out or ready for more advanced uses.

This is really something friends. If you’re not an herbalist, certified aromatherapist or expert on Essential Oils but you love them so much, this is something you must get. The total value for ALL of this amazing content is $567.48 but for you, it is only $47.00 and it comes with a 30-Day Happiness Guarantee.

Time is money and you could spend hours and hours digging for resources, trying to figure out what is right, who to trust and only give up. Which is why, I highly suggest getting this Essential Oils Bundle to save you time and begin making some green cleaners, beauty products and home remedies. Seriously just buy today and thank me later.

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