With the Oklahoma tornado tragedy, my mind and heart cannot seem to focus on anything other than hugging my children tight and being so grateful for another day with each of them. Today is my son’s 9th birthday and I cannot fathom losing him. I cannot imagine bringing him to school only to never see him. My chest tightens at the thought. Today I brought him to school and I said a silent prayer to keep him safe. I know with all of my hearts that the teachers there would do what the teachers in Oklahoma did, they’d lie on top of the children; they’d risk their lives for the children. I just pray that it never ever has to happen and I pray for the families suffering today with unimaginable grief. Just watching the video of the Oklahoma tornado sends chills up my spine and makes me realize how quickly life can change and how very powerful Mother Nature is.

God bless them, they are in my thoughts and prayers. Today I’m hugging this little boy very tight {my precious daughter too} and saying thank you for another day, I am blessed and I’m so sorry that others are suffering so terribly today – I wish I could take the pain away.  I can do something though, I can donate to the disaster relief to help provide food, shelter and emotional support for those affected and so can you.

9 years as a mother and I am so grateful

American Red Cross Disaster Relief:

People who wish to make a donation can support American Red Cross Disaster Relief, which helps provide food, shelter and emotional support to those affected by disasters like the recent tornadoes in Oklahoma and Texas as well as disasters big and small throughout the United States by visiting redcross.org, dialing 1-800-REDCROSS or texting REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation.

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