How green is a hybrid? Is it the greenest choice or the most economical choice?  I know someone who is probably the least environmentally friendly person there is and they have a hybrid. It was to save money not help the environment. Here are a few of my hybrid concerns and reasons for not choosing a hybrid.

1.  When I went to test drive the Buick Enclave I asked some questions about hybrids and my local dealership cannot even get them because the technicians have to be trained due to the high voltage. The sales lady explained to me,  the voltage is so high that even paramedics have to be specially trained or they can cause a car to blow up. Really?  I live in a small town and I see a lot of hybrids but are the paramedics trained and is there a concern? What about the fire and rescue or good Samaritans? Smart, professional, capable people but are they trained? I sure hope so because it is a legitimate concern.

2.  On paper a hybrid looks like it is green because of fuel emissions and testing. According to ABC News, the reality is very different. My husbands clean diesel truck could be greener then a hybrid! Now, that will piss someone off but reality and paper are two different stories when it comes to carbon emissions.  A hybrid makes sense if you live in a city but I don’t live in a city and I don’t do city driving. Therefore, for my family I do not find a hybrid to be the green Eco-friendly answer. Eco driving and making other green and earth friendly choices and supporting a green auto maker might be a better choice.

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3.  Then there is the issue of the hybrid dollar sign. It’s expensive to buy a hybrid so I would pay more to get a hybrid but save less at the pump. How long would it take for me to actually see this savings? According to U.S. News, seven years before the higher cost offsets the price you pay at the pump.  No thank you, I’ll just drive less, car pool when I can, plan my trips, employ Eco-friendly driving methods and walk when possible. I could be like Paul McCartney and be cool and say I’m Eco-friendly and have my Lexus Hybrid delivered from Japan. What resources were used for that?  See why I’m not all about this hybrid buzz?

4.  My husband is a mechanic and if I can’t have him fix my vehicle, then I pay more green. That isn’t doing me any good and he isn’t fixing hybrids right now. Maybe someday but not now. Again, the green in my pocket is a factor.

These are my reasons. Do you think a hybrid makes you more Eco-savvy? Click Here to take survey helping me learn more about why you would drive a hybrid.

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