Some people may shrug their shoulders, roll their eyes or simply plug their ears when the word, “homeopathic” is mentioned. It seems weird to some people and those of us that use conventional western medicine…we just might not be used to another option. Except with so many children becoming immune to antibiotics, all the side effects and the fact that sometimes it takes more than one to work…maybe we should consider the alternatives? 

Thanks to my twitter followers and my good friend, healthy green mommy, I have discovered Hyland’s. You can read my review and experience with the company and products over at Busy Mommy.  The company is giving away free samples of their homeopathic treatment for leg cramps. I’ve signed up and can’t wait to tell you about it. I get horrible leg cramps and usually only Motrin, hot compresses and elevation work. Hopefully, this will be the solution I’ve been waiting for.  Using the body to help heal itself isn’t a new concept, just a concept that has been buried by politics and money.


  1. Yay, a post on homeopathic! I wish I would have tried these personally years ago, but alas, I too was a doubter. It took the birth of my daughter and the advice of a good friend to finally try them.

    I’ve since been using homeopathic and they have been amazing for us. I love them because they stimulate her immune system rather than provide symptom relief the way conventional options do.

    We have found that her “sick” times are short and without much discomfort. We have been able to virtually eliminate the use of any conventional meds, which have side effects and ingredients that I personally find questionable. Since her system does not have to process a many toxins from drugs it allows her immunity to strengthen even more.

    I do think there is a place for conventional, but I like the homeo because it is a safe alternative that actually works.

  2. When my son was born five years ago I tried Hyland’s teething tablets and found that they really helped him when he started teething. It also helped him sleep. I used them with my daughter when she was born three years ago.
    I thougth the product was so great I recommended it to all my mom friends with new babies and still do.
    I haven’t used any of the other products from Hyland’s, but I was very happy with the teething tabs.

    Melissas last blog post..Wordless Wednesday


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