Fairies, they’re magical. My daughter loves them and I wonder if I believe in them too. I mean who doesn’t want to sprinkle fairy dust all over the world and make it better? She plays in her fairy garden and the magic does seem to ooze from the area. I wonder sometimes if it is all real or if I just want to be a child again.

Today some fairies were wounded. I played doctor and it was brutal, I glued my fingers together and it hurt me not them or maybe it did but my daughter screaming “Mom save them!” was very terrifying.

I tried. It was like an episode of Grey’s Anatomy or ER (back in the day)! Devastating because some wings were just too broken and I was trying but they weren’t able to be saved.

Oh the pressure.

Have you ever felt this as a parent the pressure to rescue a dolls head from the dog who is ripping it off or the fairy who has a broken wing?

 fairy hospital

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