The move to wordpress has me going cross eyed! I don’t understand codes, I don’t want to lose readers, backlinks, google juice, my pictures and all of my hardwork. I can’t find anyone who I can pay to do this (for a reasonable rate) and I love my current template but Judith Shakes is swamped! You might see some crazy stuff happening but don’t be alarmed, I’ll figure it out. My new blog will look boring in comparison for just a few days but I’ll get everything organized, up and running and things better than new (please cross your fingers). I keep reading about how to do this myself and what the best way is and isn’t. I can’t wait to write about my experience and give you my advise, if you choose to do this in the future. I know the headache and hardwork will pay off in the end. My google ranking has taken a nose dive because of duplicate content but this will be fixed as well. Any advise would be great! Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Why not? Great tips for free!

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