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This month Green Mom’s Carnival is about believing and the lovely and honored host is Jennifer from The Smart Mama. I’m late at getting this post crafted but better late than never and I want to share with my readers what I believe.

I believe in the power of bloggers and parents reaching out to one another using social media tools such as Twitter, Facebook and group like the Green and Clean Mom Community.

I started this blog to find other parents like myself who care about the environment, non-toxic products for their children and who want to learn more about ways to go green. Going green has been a journey for me and I wanted to feel supported, encouraged, inspired and give that to others.

I BELIEVE Green and Clean Mom and other green bloggers that are and are not part of the Green Mom’s Carnival are making a difference, inspiring others to change and motivating others do great things for the environment.

I BELIEVE that the social media and networking such as Twitter is powerful for connecting people, companies and causes. Some great examples of who to follow (small list):  @greenmoms ,@enviroblog, @safemama, @greenandhealthy, @simplyhealthy, @ecochildsplay, @ecoofficegals, @nonastychemical or @thesoftlanding on Twitter. Follow any of these great tweets and you will learn more about ways to go green, important causes to support, great non-toxic products, news and legislative information.

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I BELIEVE that tools such as Facebook connect people that wouldn’t ordinarily be connected. Groups or events are posted that make it possible for parents to connect easily regardless of where they are but for good non-toxic earth friendly purposes. For example, the EWG is having a Kid Safe Chemical Act open conference call and because of Facebook more people can know of the call, spread the message and participate. The power of the internet! Groups such as BPA Free Products connect parents who want to advocate for BPA free products and learn more. Facebook and groups such as the Green and Clean Mom Community help connect concerned parents.

I BELIEVE that that this is powerful. Companies or even the government can try to tell parents that BPA is safe, pesticides aren’t harmful and asthma isn’t on the rise but we know better. Blogs, Twitter, Facebook….powerful tools that help us have a voice and say we want change. They let us voice our opinions, share information, resources, petition for change and support one another on our journey to greening our lives.

I believe. What do you believe?

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