A big recycled box arrived at my door about a month ago and when I opened it to see a box of If You Care Products that are totally chlorine-free, use non-toxic glues and are made with biodegradable cardboard – I was giddy and smiling from ear to ear! From parchment baking paper to unbleached baking cups I was covered for the next month of baking, making coffee with unbleached filters and packing lunch with paper sandwich bags that aren’t made of petroleum products! Woo-hoo!

If you’re like me and you’re striving to not use bleached products, you’re interested in products that are made from renewable resources, you care about FSC certification, fair trade, you prefer allergen free, no artificial fibers and you certainly want a product to be recyclable, biodegradable and compostable. With baking, cooking, packing lunches, cleaning the kitchen and wrapping up leftovers – this isn’t always easy, I understand. Except now you can choose If you Care Products that help make life easier without compromising life as you know it. I mean, do you really want to give up your aluminum foil or household cleaning gloves?

After using the products for almost a month now I want to give you some feedback on a few things I am loving about the If You Care products:

♥I really love the mini baking cups! They are biodegradable and compostable and Gluten and Allergen free! I make muffins all of the time so these are great!

♥I use aluminum foil and using 100% recycled aluminum foil that can be recycled over and over again is AWSOME! This means I don’t have to give up anything and I’m helping to save energy because it only take 5% of energy to produce recycled aluminum foil compared with regular aluminum foil!

♥The Firelighters are perfect for when we camp this summer and I cannot wait try out these out! They are formaldehyde free, there are no yucky smells and are FSC certified!

Have you given If You Care products a try? They’re available at many health food stores, online and of course you can request your local grocery store carry the products.

Why not? Great tips for free!

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