Everyone uses laundry detergent but how many people use herbatergent? I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to review Vaska’s “herbatergnet” for a product review. Vaska is a company based out of California and uses real herbs and botanicals to wash laundry. Vaska has two herbatergent’s; I opted to review the light lavender scent detergent. I must admit I really liked the detergent. The detergent smelled good, lasted a long time, and cleaned my clothes.

The ingredients listed were not very specific so I contacted them via e-mail and they were very open to sharing their ingredients and material data safety sheet with me and the public; it is posted on their website. The y say the detergent does not contain NPE’s, chlorine, phosphates, alcohol, EPA priority pollutants or dyes, optical brighteners, or animal products. Another nice thing about the product is that’s made in the United States, it’s affordable, and the container is recyclable; I couldn’t believe that a 48 fl oz bottle was only $9.99. Thanks to Vaska Inc. I also learned a new zippy way to say I am going to wash my clothes. Off I go to Vaska my clothes!!