Yes, I wash all of my clothing in cold water so I’m a green washing mama! The Green Parent: A Kid-Friendly Guide to Earth Friendly Living, mentions that as one of the hundreds of easy to do tips for going green.  The author, Jenn Savedge, has made being a Green & Clean Mom even easier because she put it all right at your fingertips and for me, at my laptop. I’m a Ecobrain fanatic so I save paper and don’t need a stack of books at my night stand. The book is divided into sections for greening your life starting with your home, you on the go, your shopping and then yourself. Best of all each section of the book includes ways to involve your children. If you’re looking for great summer time activities, projects and ways to help cut energy costs, recycle, reuse and involve the children in the going green cause…this is a must read.

The Green Parent doesn’t make you feel bad for not doing something but gives you a multitude of reasons to start doing something and then ways to make a difference. She points out that $1 million dollars worth of energy is spent every minute of every day. Do the math and you have a very good reason to start living more eco savvy (flipping light switch now)!  This isn’t just another book that tells us to change the light bulbs and recycle. This book takes going green out of the box and makes you realize you can do more than you were doing yesterday. Like, how about that blinds or drapes? Do you use them to conserve energy and keep the house cooler or warmer?  Have you thought about those pets and that they drink out of BPA water bowls and need organic dog food? How about greening your pet or building a green birdhouse with your children? How about ditching the saturated fat school fundraising and raise some green for the schools while doing something good for the environment? Green & Clean Mom offers green fundraising and has a few earth friendly ideas for you to help your school or local club out. 

The book has so many great resources, websites, addresses and ideas. There are even interviews to inspire you and make you think more about the life you live and why going green isn’t just the cool thing to do but the only thing to do.  I loved the interview with Tiffany Whitfield, who now lives in Africa and talks about how different life is there and how she is raising her daughter. It gave me a new perspective and helped to open my eyes just a little more so I see even more shades of green! 

Speaking of the shades, I’m opening mine up wide to let in the natural light and using the Light Patrol badge for my son. He’s going to be the official “Light Patrol” man and in charge of keeping all the lights off and maybe we’ll even have fines and donate the money to a charity?  We love to bake cookies and there’s an idea for building a solar oven out of a pizza box!  Trash in our home needs to be reduced dramatically and even though we recycle I’d like to see us go to the next level and reduce our waste even more.  The Green Parent gave me the idea of weighing our trash and challenging the family. My son loves numbers and scales and this would be right up his alley for a summertime project.  With the average person generating 4 ½ pounds of trash daily, my family of four has a lot of reducing to do.

Green & Clean Moms, you’re already green parents but couldn’t we all use a bit more advice and some more eco-friendly kid tips to help raise our wee ones?  I think so. I read a lot of books but this book is a steal and to be even more earth friendly you can download it to your computer from Ecobrains and save trees. That’s sexy. 


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