Unless you buy your BPA free products online or write down exactly what the product is you’re looking for AND print out a picture, it’s confusing. I know because just tonight I tried to go the store and find a particular BPA free product and for the life of me couldn’t find it or remember what it looked like.  That’s where ZRecs comes in and saves the day. Kind of like a modern day super hero fighting off the evil CEO’s still making products with BPA! Kinda.  Zrecs has a printable wallet card so you will never be in doubt, just pull out your card. Except if you’re like me and your standing there with no card because it’s in your car or at home ( I’ll be darn if I know where it is) you can simply get out your nifty cell phone and text. Yes, just text “zrecs” plus a company name and or product category to 69866 and wahla this amazing super hero swoops in and texts you back on the BPA status!  Talk about cool. So stumble, digg and email this post G&CM’s because how could anything be better? Oh, I just had a thought…companies could just stop using BPA and make our products safe. Now there’s a thought.

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